When shit happen....

this is what happen in GP race on the 1st of august,my engine just falme out on the straight when i try to over take lobo,then being hit from behind,so i just broke my right rear bulkhead but all other part still in 1 piece,im feel lucky for driving this kit even i cant finish my final heat and drop to C-main,and i did not run for final as raining on the afternoon and the rear bulkhead lazy to fixed it,so just concentrade to my 1/8 event that day..but i just get #7 on B-main,

G4rs part option part

here some of the part that i purchase for my TM G4:

team magic part list:

#502263 - Lemens radio part support
#502265 - Lemens side plate support
#502286- G4 front lower flying wing arm
#502296- G4 front upper flying wing arm
#502196- rear bulkhead,brake bracket and back bracket
#502291- rear lower flying wing arm

k-factory upgrade:

K-14122-16 pinion gear
K-14122-21 pinion gear

this just few upgrade for my G4 convert to G4rs,
im waiting for ED transmission and the ED pulley set as now it is out of stock,so far its very nice kit for GP as i do drive Kyosho for the past few years maybe 3years in a row driving FW05rr and kyosho v-one-rrr,rrr evo,rrr evo 2,but regrad not driving shimo version this year as im changing to team magic for support here in brunei,

maybe there are some of bruneian rc still keeping the G4s and G4 black magic as i am,so willing to share some of my experiance for this kit,with a very lower center gravity,this kit is awesome,but the down side of this kit is the battery placement under the fuel tank with cover.

team magic g4 black magic

my team magic before being upgrade to g4rs,well this kit is almost vintagewhen i start back in 1999 in this hobby in but its along with kyosho v-0ne-rr,v-one-rrr,FW-05r,hpi R40,serpent 705 or 710 intake,but this g4 i get from my best buddy hj mazlan as he keeping those kit very well maintain,from this picture its is well ready to race for GHL Challenge,
this kit fully option from K-factory and part support very disapointed here in brunei,but can get those part from rcshopping and rcmushroom,so i get my upgrade part from rcmushroom for g4rs part,and its only convertable to #502 part number.


femca in brunei..2010

it seem the best race ever that brunei ever made, really nice track but still i cant go for the race just because my leave and work..so wish i can be there next time..


here my wish for my new kit 1/8 on road and still waiting for it to come true......